The Art Gallery of Narva
Piia Sandra Sandrak
May 06, 2020



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Picturesque Narva was the beloved summer holiday destination spot by the elite and artists of St Petersburg. Many artists captured the beauty of this region. For example, Ivan Shishkin, Nikolay Dubovskoy, Vasily Vereshchagin, to name a few. If we look into the art history of Narva, we can not look past the great industrialist and art-loving family of Lavretsov, whose art collection makes up a rather important part of this gallery. They didn't support only Russian, but also aspiring Estonian artists. In their home, one of the greatest Estonian artists started his journey. His fellow from the school was the stepson of Lavretsov family and his first love was the niece of madame Lavretsov. He was also one of the initiators behind the famous art society 'Pallas' and his painted is the picture of this question, called 'In the Cafe' (1918). Who was that Estonian artist?

  • Konrad M├Ągi (1878-1925)

  • Voldemar Kangro-Pool (1889-1943)

  • Ado Vabbe (1892-1961)

  • Aleksander Tassa (1882-1955)