Madeira Tecnopolo game 2023

A demo game for Euneos eAssessment course

Vabaduse väljak vanasti

Vabaduse väljaku ajalugu


Ukeprøve uke 13

For 6a

Get to know my campus

This activity aims to introduce the buildings and some important places located at the Tallinn University.

Restaurants close to TLU

A few questions to discover the restaurants where TLU workers can have lunch.

Labs in TLU DTI

ICT in my school

Searching and thinking about new technological solutions in our school


Rallye zum Abschluss der Unterrichteeinheit “Daten und Codierung” (Aufbaukurs Informatik Klasse 7)

Multimedia and multiculture

Using different tools and applications answer to’ the different questions

Polygons in real life

Students deal with polygons. At first they identify the shapes, then they draw and finally they make some calculations

My first day in school

Know the diferente school spaces.

Õpperada Peetris

Reedene orienteerumine

NEK3.kl kooli teemaline maastiku mäng

Nõmme Erakooli kolmanda klassi õpilastele spordimäng kooli teemaliste küsimustega

Madeira Round Trip

Quiz on Euneos Island Trip

Madeira adventure 2024

A demo game made for Euneos eAssessment course in Funchal, 2024

Tallinna vanalinn

9. klassi õppekäik. Orienteerumine Tallinna vanalinnas.


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Tallinna ajaloo

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